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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 3, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. hello. i'm andrea roane. we begin with a case before the supreme court that could affect millions of pregnant women. a pregnancy cost peggy young her job with ups in 2006. today the justices are hearing oral arguments in the case that's united women's rights
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organizations on the left and the right. delia goncalves is outside the supreme court now with the very latest. delia? >> reporter: andrea, no doubt employers across the nation are paying close attention to this case because it could determine if they have to make accommodations for pregnant workers. the oral arguments just wrapped up in the supreme court and so did a spirited rally here outside the supreme court with supporters as you mentioned on both sides of the abortion issue and both sides of the aisle chanting in support saying stand with peggy. of course peggy young is that lorton, virginia, mom at the center of this case. she says back in 2006 when she was a driver for ups, the company discriminated against her because they refused to give her light duty after she became pregnant. she was forced to go on unpaid leave, she says, and lost her benefits as a result. the suit claims ups violated the federal pregnancy discrimination act because it made accommodations for injured
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and disabled employees but not for her. >> women have a fundamental right to decide when and whether to be pregnant. a fundamental right to decide whether to carry a pregnancy to term and terminate it. if they choose to carry a pregnancy, they need to be accommodated in the workplace. >> reporter: our bruce leshan joins me now. he was insides the courtroom. we -- inside the courtroom. peggy was inside the courtroom as well. just walked out with a bouquet of flowers. how is she feeling today? >> she was fired up. she doesn't want her daughter -- she has two of them now -- to go through the same kind of struggle when they are working. she was pretty convinced that the arguments went her way. she's pretty hopeful about the way things went up there. >> reporter: tell me about your impressions of how everything happened and the justices, their impressions? >> it was pretty clear you had three women justices who were trying to find a way to rule for peggy young and that they were pretty mad about the
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outcome in this case in which peggy young had to do without her income while she was pregnant. one court watcher said to me, you have the three women justices angry in a women's rights case, you are in trouble. but of course they need five votes. >> reporter: so ups actually had a lot of time in the courtroom, 30 minutes i read that they had in arguments. tell me about ups' arguments and what you heard in court. >> just as quickly as we kups is arguing that they did not discriminate, that this policy was about people injured on the job and people injured off job. if you are injured on the job, you got accommodations. if you were injured off the job and they put pregnancy in that category, you did not get accommodations. it will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. bruce leshan, thanks so much. a decision is likely to come down before june so of course all eyes are here on the supreme court as we await their decision later this summer. back to you in the studio, andrea? >> delia goncalves outside the supreme court. montgomery county police
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say they've made an arrest in connection with the murder of a woman in bethesda. 53-year-old rita sanders campfield is due in court this afternoon to face first-degree murder charges. 67-year-old chung park was found dead in her amount yesterday near white mint mall. police say she was stab -- flint mall. police say she was stashed to death. well -- stabbed to death. we'll have more on our wusa9 app and in this evening's newscast. police in abu dhabi is trying to find the suspect who killed a mother in a bathroom. the violence broke out after some kind of argument it the two of the suspect got away. police in the capital of the united arab emirates is asking those with information to come forward. nbc medical correspondent dr. nancy snyderman returned to the today show this morning. she apologized for violating
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her quarantined ebola exposure. she said she would stay in her new jersey home till the danger for symptoms of the disease had passed, but she was spotted before that time in a car getting takeout food. an update now on the sinkhole on the george washington parkway. it's all patched up and both lanes are open in the southbound lane -- the southbound lanes. the sinkhole was discovered monday night. cries had to close a section of the parkway overnight. it opened just in time for rush hour this morning. in new york, a teenager who mugged a new mother says he didn't know she was carrying a baby. the attack in the bronx was captured on tape. 18-year-old elon sow brown watched as the victim passed by and ran up behind her and kicked her to the ground. all this time she was carrying her 2-month-old son. brown stole the woman's cell phone. a stranger in a car who witnessed the mugging followed brown and retrieved the cell
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phone. brown faces numerous charges this afternoon, including two counts of robbery. in new york city, a jury can decide this week whether or not a police officer will face criminal charges in an alleged chokehold death of a man. eric garner died last summer during an arrest for allegedly selling cigarettes. video of the arrest was posted online showing one of the officers wrapping his arm around garner's neck. garner shouts, i can't breathe, as he is taken to the ground. the outcryover garner's death has drawned comparisons to ferguson, missouri. the police commissioner in new york says his department studied what's happening there to get prepared. >> we've been preparing for months now. we've been conducting a series of community meetings throughout the city with a lot concentrated on staten island as recently as monday. and we've also been tactically preparing in terms of bringing in resources to deal with any potential virtuality. you hope for the -- eventuality.
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you hope for the best and plan for the worst. >> nearly 4,000 demonstrators protested mr. garner's death this summer but there was no major violence. outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel is said to be replaced by his former deputy. ashton carter is president obama's top choice for the job. bill plant has more from the white house. >> reporter: the white house won't confirm that carter is their nominee, only that he's on the list. a spokesman praised him. >> he is somebody who previously served the administration as the deputy secretary of defense, a position that he filled very, very ably. >> reporter: carter is a physicist who has held to top jobs at the pentagon during the obama administration serving previously as the under secretary in charge of weapons programs. though a civilian, he's seen as having the confidence of the department's military command. as defense secretary, he would face complex strategy questions about the fight against isis in
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syria and iraq, questions that -- [ no audio ] >> we're not going to get a military solution to this. i think our advisors there will give us insight. they'll give us some influence there, but that's the most important benefit of having them there. >> reporter: carter was confirmed unanimously by the senate in his previous job and would likely do well again. but ted cruz and other republicans questioned whether the white house would allow anyone the freedom to do the job. >> it says something to so many -- that so many people are saying no thank you, i don't want to serve as secretary of defense in an administration that overrides the defense department, that treefts the secretary as subserve -- treats the secretary as subservient to those in the white house. >> reporter: some say carter
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will be able to hold his own. he has the vast experience of working with the pentagon's huge bureaucracy so he'll be on top of that as well. for this white house, though, the best news is that signals from both sides of the senate say that it can be easily confirmed. >> that was bill plante reporting. president obama is expected to nominate ashton carpenter sometime later this week. still kind of cool out there but certainly better than yesterday. look at temps in shenandoah valley. some warm air trying to come up. we're up to 55 harrisonburg. only 42 in hagerstown. it's trying to come east of the blue ridge. mid- to upper 40s here. we just got for 50 -- to 50 in washington. showers also to our north. we're not worried too much about the showers locally but if you're newspaper northern maryland out of frederick, -- up in northern maryland out of frederick, they have leaved the west minutester area.
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a couple -- westminster area. a couple of sprinkles here but it's fairly light. what we're looking at for the rest of today is mainly clouds. maybe if we're lucky a peak of sunshine but don't count on t. south and west could flirt with 60. a cold front comes tonight a. stray shower with that. we'll be in the 40s by 9:30. 30s tomorrow morning. looks blustery on thursday. weekend it's a 50-50 weekend. i'll tell you which is the better 50 for you when i come back with the forecast in a few minutes. >> howard, thank you. still ahead on wusa9, in the hot seat. manufacturers of airbags linked to several deaths undergo sharp questioning on capitol hill. >> plus, a new cosby accuser comes forward. this woman says she was underage when she was victimized. those stor
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>> investigators in ten ten want -- in tennessee want to know what caused a fatal school bus crash. two young children and an adult were killed when two buses collided in knoxville. more than ten others were hurt. a bus was traveling eastbound when spoke some reason is crossed the median and struck the other bus. >> we ask the community to pray for them. >> a lot of them are breathing, crying. some of their parents weren't there yet and they were scared. it was just -- it was scary. >> classes have been canceled today but the schools will be open for family members who need grief counseling. there are new allegations against bill cosby this afternoon. this time a woman is spilling out her accusations against the comedian in a lawsuit. as don champion reports, the woman claims she was victimized when she was a teenager. >> reporter: the new lawsuit against bill cosby was filed in los angeles county superior
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court. in it judy huth says the comedian sexually abused her in 1974 at the playboy mansion when she was just 15 years old. on the night in question, cosby served her and a 16-year-old friend alcohol. the suit claims cosby then told the girls he had a surprise for them and took them to the playboy mansion in los angeles. cosby allegedly told the girls to lie about their age and say they were 19. huth says at the mansion she was debted -- directed by cosby to a bathroom in a bedroom suite and when she emerged, she found cosby sitting on the bed where she was molested. cosby still refuses to talk about the recent wave of sexual misconduct accusations against him. >> there's no response. >> reporter: in recent weeks, more than a dozen women have raised allegations. no criminal charges have ever been filed against the comedian. desettle a 2005 civil lawsuit that claimed he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in his home. on monday cosby resigned from the boards of trustees of his
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alma mater temple university. so far his attorney has not commented on the new lawsuit. don champion for cbs news, new york. >> judith huth claims she suffered psychological damage and significant lifelong problems from the alleged assault. still ahead on 9news, it was done once. we'll tell you who's behind the latest effort to land a spacecraft on
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a 12-year-old boy is facing numerous charges in tennessee after stealing his mother's car for a 200-mile journey. his mother reported heson
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braylin mitchell missing monday night. he is fine but he's not off the hook yet. >> i'm ready to have my kid home. in so many ways i want to hug him and spank him -- hug him and spank him at the same time. he will go through the consequences of stealing the car. >>it's called tough love. the statewide search ended nearly 200 miles away from where it began. the mother says her son stole her car to drive across state lines to see a girl he met on facebook. a japanese spacecraft is now attempting to land on a speeding asteroid. it lifted off this morning for an 18-month journey. the europe space agency landed a spacecraft on a moving comet n. this latest mission, the plan is to blast out a small crater on the asteroid to collect soil samples f. successful, it could tell scientists more about life on erg. and -- on earth. here on earth the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree will happen
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tonight. mariah carey, darius rucker and rockets are scheduled to perform. the christmas tree tradition dates back to the great depression. hundreds of thousands of people advice sipt the tree every year. it will be on display till january 7. -- visit the tree every year. it will be on display till january 7. expect a crowd. >> it's a fun part of the city. >> i've been there with a little person who seemed to get lost under all the elbows. >> skating. >> exactly. it is beautiful. it feels a little bit more reasonable today. >> good. >> it doesn't feel great but more reasonable. yesterday we had 30s. i know some of you north of town, you're not getting out of the 40s but the shenandoah valley, we'll make a run toward 60. our day planner, still looking dreary out there. up to 50 here in washington. a stray shower can't be ruled out through the early evening hours and then a front is coming through. that will clear us out somewhat. we'll call for partial clearing. back in the 40s by 9:00. tomorrow you'll need the heavier coats again with temperatures starting in the 30s, low to mid-30s, only getting to the mid-40s. doppler showing a little bit of
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activity coming through frederick, now westminster and leaving pennsylvania. just some lighter showers to the west here down really straddling the other side of i- 81 moving to the east, north east. up berryville, over toward philomount, leesburg. might clip over toward marshall and the plains here in fauquier county. but not a lot of activity rain wise. temperatures are still cold in ohio and pa patch lots of 30s -- and pennsylvania. lots of 30s here. just for today, for a few hours, starting to get milder. we're 50 here. richmond 54. i'm show you the 59 in luray a few minutes ago. across the region, we range from the low 40s like bull run at 41. 42. and lovettsville. 43 in rockville to 52 in north beach. waldorf 49. southern maryland, you're feeling a bit better. part of upper montgomery, frederick, northern loudoun, you'll have a tough time getting above the 50-degree mark. at national we're at 50. cloudy skies. winds still southwest at 10 but they've been gusting out of the
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west over 30. that's where the front is almost to cumberland. frostburg feeling the strong winds out of the west as well. we show you the big picture. not a lot of clearing. i don't expect to see much of any sun today. behind this front, high pressure is in iowa. going to push some colder air in here. we should see partial clearing tonight and during the day on thursday. so the futurecast does have the isolated shower here and there but it's a little -- i think we'll still be cloudier than this but the trend for partial clearing tonight into the first part of thursday. i think we're good on that. as far as the moisture, anything that is going to fall out of the sky, i wouldn't be too concerned till friday night, saturday. so we're looking at clouds thickening late tomorrow. a cloudy day on friday. maybe a stray shower thursday night. but by friday night, we're still okay in most areas that are at of i-81. there's the rain. by saturday morning at 6:00, pennsylvania, ohio, the rain is coming in. if you're up early saturday, maybe you get a little dryness but i think saturday is going
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to be a wet day, but sunday, this should be gone. so sunday is looking better. 58 today. a little bit cooler north and west with an isolated shower. 30s tonight. tomorrow mid- to upper 40s. eight going to be blustery. friday showers probably holding off till after dark. on the weekend wet on saturday and drier on sunday. we'll be back
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in our health alert, the end of the year is approaching. if you have any out of pocket health care costs, now is the time to start using your flexible spending dollars before you lose them. the money can be used on wellness visits, hearing or eye exams or even dental checkups. it's all covered as long as it's not cosmetic.
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mammograms and conno, sir pis are also a good -- colonoscopies are also a good use of the dollars or updating your first aid kit. >> that's an excellent way of using your dollars. another way to use your fsa dollars, let's say you need a new trips eyeglasses. >> general rule, over-the- counter meds are not authorized to be paid for using your fsa dollars but any medications that is doctor or physician spriebed is el-- prescribed is eligible. turning to capitol hill. makers of takata airbags are defending their decision not to issue a a nationwide recall of their products. they say it's best to limit the recall to high humidity areas in the united states. >> reporter: house lawmakers want to know why millions of cars with defective airbags are still on the road. >> the incredibly slow response to this question is just the latest reminder that we need stronger laws to protect drivers. >> reporter: airbags made by
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the japanese company takata are linked to several deaths and dozens of injuries. they can inflate suddenly shooting metal pieces into the passenger compartment. >> any failure of even one airbag to perform as designed in an automobile accident is incompatible -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: in a statement prior to this morning's hearing takata says there's no evidence to support a nationwide recall and the government doesn't have the authority to tell a parts maker to issue a recall. but the company has already recalled cars in southern humid states where an explosion is considered more likely. takata continues-- >> takata continues to believe that the public safety is best served if the area of high absolute humidity remains a priority. >> officials from toyota, honda and bmw were also on capitol hill this morning. >> we want to inform you that honda is going to expend our existing regional safety improvement campaign on affected driver airbag inflaters to a national
12:28 pm
campaign. >> reporter: takata plans to form a panel to investigate its manufacturing process while the government is exploring its next steps which
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>> phyllis: can't believe she's gone. >> michael: who told you? >> phyllis: jack. should have sensed it, though. she was such a presence. >> michael: yeah. nothing's been the same without her.


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